• Nothing is a waste: we have come to realize this course of the beautiful products we make out of recycling.
    (We like to call them dirt treasure) We value most of the things that people find less important you will be surprise what they can produce.
    We believe we can achieve anything in life with patient, faith, believe and hard work.



  • Lift up the standards of life for young people by keeping them busy in crafts.
  • Introduce sports as part time to keep off youths from idling after work.
  • Introduce women in basketry and try to fight against child abuse and build up a voice for the girl children.
  • Teach members the dangers of unsafe sex, and drugs.
  • Give hope to the young people who almost lost hope in life by teaching them crafts so that can recover from their past mistakes, such as early pregnancy and drug addiction.
  • Teach them about assets and liabilities because our youths tend to use their money they buy the wrong things.
  • Get individual volunteers from anywhere in the world who can help work for the benefit of others by either selling or crafts or come up with different ideas that can eventually help our group.
  • To open up boarders in all over east Africa community and this can only work with a strong foundation with good response.



  • We conserve the environment (the cleanness of the society) by (picking up) recycling the waste as our raw materials.
  • We discourage the idling among youths by involving them in crafts and sports so many youth start crafts as a way of passing time which eventually become their profession in life.